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27 June 2006


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Oh my god, I cannot express how excited I am about this book! Meg Rosoff is one of my all-time favourite authors!! I am crossing my fingers that my boss brings back an ARC from the big conference she's at this weekend.


Did you read her picture book? It RULES.


I know! She's amazing! I feel like she is doing all sorts of crazy stuff that no one else does. It's so much fun to read her books, because she never does anything predictable.


Oh dear. I'll have to read this to see if I agree with you about language, because taken out of context, a line like “The boundary between reality and fantasy wobbled dangerously” makes me want to clutch my belly and groan.


Maybe in context it'll work better -- as I said above, it was very visual, and the boundary bit was very much a part of that.

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