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15 June 2006


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Ovid is such a weird author; I can't think of anyone from antiquity that you'd want to be friend more than him and yet his poetry (which is all you have to judge him by really) is incredibly perverse. He always makes me want to take a shower (especially the Pygmalion story. Gross.).


Oh, and Jove's scene with Io is a take off on the bit in the Iliad (book 12?) where Hera seduces Zeus and he goes into this long speech that is basically, "Man, you look hot. I haven't been this horny in a long time. Not with Io, or Europa, or Callisto or Alcmene or Danae...." and he just keeps GOING.


That part literally made me laugh out loud. I was just surprised at how FUNNY some of it was -- especially, like I said, Jove. I'd have expected him to be more, I don't know... regal. (Although I don't know why, since he's the one that had the hardest time keeping it in his pants.)

And I hate Apollo. He's such a twat.

I'm going to have to re-read The Iliad (that one I actually DID read in college) after this.

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