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30 June 2006


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That's a good summary. I read the book, for a book report, and didn't understand one bit! This is why, I went on google hoping to find a summary. I GET IT NOW! Thanks so much!! You really explained it well; and you're summary is totally in my opinion too!!


I'm having deja vu. Didn't you read and review this already? Or a book nearly exactly like it?


The book was OK,
but I agree with you sometimes it really went off topic, like when Hava randomly goes to her gay friends premiere, then they just leave in the middle of it...blah blah blah...it just seemes so much for one chapter.
Other wise, it wasn't a TOO bad of a book..


i disagree i thought it showed things that could happen in real life unlike some books that say things that would never happen to a regular person. the book showed what could really happen to an orthadox girl turned tv star. i also loved the cover.


i need 7 sentences describing the full book any clue which ones i should use?

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