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06 June 2006


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Lazy Cow

I'm loving your Nancy Drew summaries. Hilarious. They are bringing back dim memories of the book and make me feel like I'm reading them all over again. Thanks to you now I don't have to.
I'm off to re-read my Trixie Belden's. Now there's a REAL detective.


this is hilarious. and i agree, keith mars > carson drew.


It's been ages since I read Nancy Drew, but these reviews are cracking me up & are possibly better than actually going back and rereading the books my own self.


These reviews crack me up so much, they're awesome. Nancy leads the most hilarious life ever or the most tragic, I don't know. The Father who sends his daughter into life threatening situations when he's not being creepily attentive. The useless friends. Being Motherless. The crime riddled town and the constant near-death experiences. If it was a movie, it would win an Oscar. The untapped potential in these books nearly rival the untapped potential in Archie Comics (Riverdale--now there's a screwed up place with as many clueless people!).


My daughter loved these books when she was younger. I think we have 40 of them plus a bunch of the newer ones. No matter what you might think of the writing or of Nancy in general, these books do get girls to read so they can't be all bad.


Too true, Tom. I read them as a kid, as well -- if I really hated them, I wouldn't bother re-reading them. (And mocking them is so much fun!)


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What an article! Congrats! Looks wonderful, I'll have to go out and buy it so I can read it asap! Beautiful!!

Deirdre G


I loved Nancy Drew when I was growing up, and wanted to be Nancy Drew. I looked everywhere for a mystery to solve, but, alas, never did. Your reviews are funny, but I still remember the books very fondly. I still have all my old ones, up to number 56 or 57. I also love the Keith Mars vs. Carson debate....Loved Veronica Mars and wish it were still on!

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