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15 June 2006


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His main lady characters usually suck. I like Rachel Verinder, but Laura Fairlie? Phoo. I just finished Armadale, and most of it is kind of "eh" but man does Lydia Gwilt make it all worth while.

James Morrison

Have you read 'The Woman in White'? It's brilliant. The main female character in THAT doesn't suck - in fact, she's the smartest, most interesting person in the book, and narrates about half of it. She's also tremendously ugly (it says so in the text), and was based, apparently, on George Eliot.


Pft. Have we read the Woman in White? Ten or twelve times. Did you know Wilkie Collins got THOUSANDS of letters from guys who were desperate to tell him what Marian Halcombe's address was because they wanted to propose? She rules.

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