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27 July 2006


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i hate emo kids

suspension of disbelief... matt and i just watched basic instinct last night (and the sequel (with sharon's new boobs) the night before that... catherine trammell is a big fan of suspension of disbelief


Oh, dear god. I had to watch BI1 for a class in college. (Mom and Dad went and saw it in the theater -- can you even imagine?)

Was BI2 the Worst Movie Ever? Because I heard that it at least came pretty close...

i hate emo kids

it was kind of like well-shot porn, actually. hey, i figure i was entertained. wasn't as bloody as the first one, and sharon looked a little peaky. matt said she must have lost so much weight she just HAD to get new boobs... her other ones probably shriveled away to nothing on a steady diet of air


Nope, you're not the last person on the planet to read this. I haven't gotten to it yet. Matter of fact, it's not even on my TBR list yet. I'm so far behind.


You'll catch up, though, you speed-reader you. I think you'll get even more of a kick out of Devilish.


i finished this book a couple weeks ago. and it's like. wtf? i loved the book. loved the story, the characters, looovved keith, but like. what's with the ending? where is the epilogue? what happens with keith and ginny!

i found it a bit frustrating, really.

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