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17 July 2006


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You're all tormenting me with your advance copies of this book. I've been waiting for it ever since I read Looking for Alaska (which I recommended to my then 17-year-old brother with smashing success).

I'd take Bunter and/or Lord Peter, and I'd prefer Ramses to Emerson senior. For some reason I always felt a little sorry for the guy in The Hero and the Crown...I'll have to reread it to remember exactly why. But it endeared him to me, even though I can't remember his name.


Oh, I'm glad to hear it went over well with the 17-year-old -- I just had a 10th grade guy come in with a summer reading list that included LfA. I suggested it, but he went with Billy Budd because it was so much shorter.

Luthe or Tor? My guess is that you're thinking of Tor. He's the one she settles for. At least, that's how I remember it -- I've only read HatC a couple of times, and not recently. It's TBS that I've read 47 gazillion times.


You could feel sorry for (n)either Luthe (n)or Tor, she doesn't _settle_ for Tor, she just stays with him till he dies and then goes to live with Luthe, because of the no-longer-quite-mortal thing.


I still remember feeling that there was a lot more going on between Aerin and Luthe. Tor didn't do it for me, so maybe I was projecting somewhat. I'll have to read it again.


Oh, they totally had sex and stuff, but she loved them both and Luthe could wait, while Tor couldn't.


I guess I felt sorry for Tor since he wasn't the only one. The Injustice Of It.


What I want to know is, who is designing all these great-looking YA book covers? This one's a stunner. And can these people start designing book covers for mainstream fiction? Seems like all the best-looking covers (Chip Kidd's work notwithstanding) I've seen lately are anywhere but adult fiction.

Christian Fuenfhausen

I just wanted to say a great big THANKS! to all y'all who said such nice things about the Katherines cover. I'm the guy who designed it -- the editor sent me a link to this blog as a sort of an e-congrats -- and it's always an honor to hear that folks appreciate one's work. But it's John's writing that is the winner here and what made working on this cover so worthwhile. I love his work and feel quite honored to have worked on Katherines. As for working in adult fiction? Sorry, I'm having much too much fun working in YA. Again, thanks for all the kind words, they mean a lot to us designers.


I'm so glad that all of our gushing got back to you -- Katherines is EASILY one of my favorite covers this year.


Totally; and the red girl? in the miniskirt? I would DIE for her legs.

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