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21 July 2006


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The incoming freshmen get a guidebook that describes the individual students in insulting ways?!?! I am *so* reading this.

Little Willow

'Tis a fun book. My favorite Maureen book is The Key to the Golden Firebird, her first novel; my favorite character, Parker from The Bermudez Triangle.


i love the cover. can't wait to read this one.


this is the bets book i have ever read in my entire life and i think everyone should read this book especially if you like intocate storys

im reading this book now.
i have 3 chapters left.
its a pretty good book. :]


This book NEEDS a sequel like human beings need oxygen. Because it definitely has lots of things that could be built on. And I bet everyone whose read Devilish will read the sequel.


Best book ever I could not put it down, a must read. :)

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