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26 July 2006


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Wow. It sucks when your enemies are so articulate, witty and devastating. And numerous. And cool--you know, with so much stuff going on in their own lives. How are you going to show your face outside the front door in the morning.


I don't know. I'm terrified that as I walk out the front door, I'll see the "Hickmobile" turning onto our street.

Or worse, in the middle of the night, I'll get up to have a glass of water and notice it idling across the street with dark shadowy figures sitting inside.

Fuse #8

I've always found it interesting that when someone objects to a book review they immediately assume that you're a "him". When I wasn't wholly taken with a book some 4 months ago, a bunch of Aussies got super pissed at me. Trouble was, suddenly I was a guy. These people never assume you're a bitch. They assume you're a bastard. So bizarre.


It is strange. Especially since my name is plastered all over the place, and it doesn't strike me as particularly masculine. Then again, they probably aren't looking at the 'About Me' page.


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