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06 July 2006


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With that kind of criteria, isn't the relevant (and answerable) question: What books are left on the shelves?

And white out? I mean...but... Why? How?


Can anyone say "Fahrenheit 451"? That's how it started with bits and pieces coming out of books until the written word was completely degraded. That's supposed to be science fiction, isn't it? Why are crazy people being allowed to make the rules for others? The library over there in Vanillaville will be the least appealing place in the world by the time they are through.


implied nudity? Does that mean that all characters must remian in the same set of clothes for the duration? No showers. No wardrobe changes.


Why not just burn the library to the ground, deficate on the ashes, and call it a day?


White out? Reminds of the library janitor who would go around in his library, finding the books that dealt with single parenthood, homosexuality, etc and cut out/or replaced words (with pro religious words and phrases) in the books, then put them back on the shelves.

As for 'dark content,' they mean the Harry Potter books? With such a broad term, the bible could be thrown out. 'Implied nudity'? Whaaaa? The list almost seems like a combination of liberal/conservative censorship.

Little Willow

Oh. My. Goodness.


What on EARTH?!

What will they be left with, exactly? A Sesame Street workbook?

Little Willow

Wait! They can't have the Sesame Street workbook because the PUPPETS are NAKED!


Hey Doom,

I've put a link from my blog to yours about this article. Thanks for the lead!

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