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05 July 2006


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I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I found 'Millicent Min' at the library today and thought it was great-I completely agree with your review, and with most of the others (when I've read the book). Have you read the Aubrey-Maturin novels by Patrick O'Brian?


Hey, thanks! Nope, I haven't read them -- I feel like I haven't read a grown-up book in MONTHS, though that CAN'T be true. I think. Anyway, yes -- I should at least try one, right? Should I start at the beginning?

Probably. I wouldn't say that the first few books were my favourites, although they're all very good; but on the other hand, they're written in 19th-century style and are heavy on nautical lexicon in places, and getting used to that is really enough of a challenge without being thrown into the middle of character relationships as well. However, I would say that as the series goes on the books become more centred around people and their relationships and less around naval pursuits, so if the Royal Navy stuff bores you, it might be worth skipping the first few books and starting at 'Desolation Island', or 'The Fortune of War'.

Really, though, they're great. Patrick O'Brian has a definite sense of humour and his characterizations are amazing.

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