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28 July 2006


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i hate emo kids

HEY! I totally resent that!

Pharoah is completely directed at a more mature audience then seven year-olds:

Could a 7 year old truly understand the complexities of the ancient egyptian culture, let alone get those god damn roadblocks to actually work the way they are supposed to and not just force your scribes to dick around at the senet house?

Could a 7 year old really be able to provide a city's industry with enough slum labor to provide all the goods and services for the upper echelon?

Could a 7 year old understand that creepy fake egyptian accent that always talks to you at the beginning of a new scenario??

Think again, butthead.

Besides, totally not age appropriate. There's beer everywhere!


You dork. I meant that the game is seven years old, not that it's FOR seven-year-olds.

You made me laugh so much I snorted, though. Again.


Okay, until you said that, I never considered that there WOULDN'T be a Kiki Strike sequel. Now I'm all freaked out. Don't say stuff like that!

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