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25 July 2006


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Erin I

Has book two come out yet? Because if it has I need to read it.


It has -- it's called The Sea of Monsters.

Erin I

Does the library, or you have it?


I do, somewhere. I'll dig it out and bring it in. Caddy is on my desk, just waiting for you to trade in River Secrets.

Erin I

As soon as we have time we are coming to the library. If we don't I shall die.


I ate so much this morning that I think I might die.


Don't torture me this way! I really loved both of the previous books. Action, adventure and Greek mythology. How can you go wrong?


I really enjoyed them, too. FUN.


score. #2's been on my TBR pile for a while now, i better get to it!

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