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06 July 2006


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I have this at home! This is so rare that you review a book that my library has actually received! And I'll take the tornado hitting the manure idea for my booktalk to the seventh graders in the fall - I mean, they were just sixth graders a few months before, they can't have outgrown toilet humor yet.


Oh, that does sound hilarious!

Brian Meehl

Hey, thanks for the nice mention on your site re my kids novel, "Out of Patience." I spent five years in Maine in the 70s in South Paris with Tony Montanaro's theater company. Love the place. Sometimes still wish I was back there in my teepee.

The quarry diving sequences in the novel are based on quarries in Maine.

Reading rules,

Brian M.


Sorry, but factoid actually means a fact that was not true until it was made up by the media (I learned this from the book The Word Detective.) Unless that's what you meant, but from context I don't think it is.


@Eh: True! At least, that was Norman Mailer's original definition. But as I'm sure you know, language evolves, and various dictionaries (including Merriam-Webster) now include "a briefly stated and usually trivial fact" as a secondary meaning of the word 'factoid'.

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