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28 July 2006


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Awesome; thanks for doing that Pual. She sounds much, much cooler.


Oh. And apparently I can't type at all. But I'm at work and trying not to get caught at this. Sorry.


Totally unrelated, but did you review the Nightside books by Simon R. Green? Amazon is telling me to buy it and I just can't make up my mind about it. Help!


I haven't read them, but I might have to, just on the strength of his photo at this fansite.


I read and did a super quick review of the first book in the Nightside series. To sum up: it was alright. It's not humor like the Dresden Files are. It takes itself a bit more seriously. But the world created in it is pretty cool.


Sorry it's so short.


Oh, cool, Chrissy. Thanks.

(I knew I'd see something about it recently.)


Thanks Chrissy and Leila! I've been reading Jim Butcher and like him, although I've not been exactly riveted, and I really love the Kim Harrison books (book one is okay, book two is good, book three is AMAZING and book four is sending the series into an interesting but highly unusual and original direction for books of this type). So anyhow, I've been looking for more books like this. I might go ahead and give the Nightside a try. :) I don't really need or want these kinds of stories to be all about the relationships, although I don't mind if it's essential to the story. I still recommend Charlaine Harris if you haven't read her yet. The Sookie books of course, but she's just started a new series (I see dead people!) that seems interesting.

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