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28 July 2006


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i hate emo kids

are men necessary?
maureen dowd

want to read:
king of attolia
megan whalen turner

forced to read & hated:
grapes of wrath
(i still hate you johnsteinbeck. if you weren't dead, i'd kill you. (he's dead, right?))


Asked for Wuthering Heights
Oma got Jane Eyre instead
Read once a year since


Required reading? Ha.
Hippie college, no such thing.
Now: A Long Way Down.


High School Junior Year
is completely gone. Blocked out.
Must have been awful.

High School Senior Year
Beowulf. Grendel. Wanderer:
no longer exists?


Need to clarify, mostly because it was driving me nuts. The book I referred to as The Wanderer, because that's what it was called by my teacher when I read it for AP english was actually Le Grand Meaulnes by Henri Alain-Fournier. I'm pretty sure it is atleast. I was just very bothered that there was seemingly no evidence of a book that I read in high school.


read what i want 'til
i remember school reading
and cram in august


Five hundred pages
That is some big committment
Is Book Thief worth it?


For MotherReader:
how many yeses are five
plus seven? oh, rats.

Mary Lee

On my to-do list
At the top, in bold, all caps:



Taking Tests on Books

Such a total waste of time

So glad for Cliffsnotes

Mary Lee

Fifty-two kids' books,

Twenty adult books. My goal.

Achieved every year.

(Haiku-ing is almost as addictive as blogging!)

Emily H.

There is a limit
To the Newbery winners
Sane women can take

(To clarify: I am methodically alternating Newbery winners and honor books with the top ten Best Books for Young Adults and books that I actually want to read).

Gregory K.


I had me a blast.
Skipped the cereal boxes…
Tried books from the past

Twas love at first sight.
(I read some more, read some more!)
Filled my long, hot nights.

Then it turned colder
And that’s where this ends. But oh…
Those su-uh-mer boooooooooks.

(Please imagine the Johns (Travolta and Olivia-Newton) performing this far too short haiku cycle. Thank you.)


If that song ends up in my head all weekend, you'll be in trouble, Gregory K!

Carrie Jones

No, Mom. I cannot
Read one more Danielle Steele book.
I'm sick of lusting.

Becky Levine

Had to read: Ken Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion. Okay, picked it from the library for a report--thank goodness the teacher let me pick something else after I read the whole thing and had NO CLUE!!1

Wanted to read: Anything with unicorns and elves and wizards and dragons.

Thought I wanted to read: The Magic Mountain. Along the lines of the previous sentence, I must have checked this book out 10 times from my elementary school (up through 6th grade) library and never opened it--probably due to the thickness! Years later, I found out there wasn't a drop of magic in the book--it was a TB hospital. (Right? I still haven't read it!)

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