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19 July 2006


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I have to say, that though I loved Goose Girl and Princess Academy, I've had a really hard time getting into Enna Burning.


Really? Enna Burning was my favourite! Can't wait for River Secrets :)


Enna was quite a bit darker. For sure, Goose Girl had its dark moments -- Isi's horse being a major one. (That was ROUGH.) But so many of Enna's struggles are internal. It's one thing when a powerful person is doing horrible things to the main character -- it's quite another when the power to do horrible things is coming out of and through the main character.

I'm not sure if I made much sense there. Haven't had my tea yet.


I liked Goose Girl and Enna Burning. I've recently read Princess Academy, and they're all good! I can't wait until the realease.


You won't be disappointed. It's super. I just want to know who the fourth book will be about! (There's gotta be one, right?)


Leila, DID YOU SEE SHANNONS BLOG???????????????????


Yep. Heh. I feel all famous and stuff.


i think goose girl and enna burning were both excellent books cant wait till river secrets is out!

Can some one tell me what the vellum says pleaseeeeeee


this was a good book, but i still like goose girl better


Hi all,

my friend told me about this forum so i decided to sign up.

hopefully i can participate in some lively discussions here!

looking forward to talking to you all. :)


Hey. New around here and figured that I should post and say hi.


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