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03 July 2006


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Gregory K.

There will be more. There's a book coming from Emily Ebers perspective!

Millicent is a great read, too. I personally loooove the opening line. To quote another source, it had me at hello.


RAD. I'm actually about halfway through Millicent Min right now, but I fell asleep. Holidays make me drowsy.

I'm so excited that there'll be one about Emily -- I want books about Digger and Stretch, too.


Oooh... I didn't know that there'd be one from Emily s perspective! But is it the same story told over again from a different POV or something else all together?


I hope it'll be set later. As much as I loved the first two -- my review of Millicent is forthcoming -- I think another whole book set at the same exact time might be too much.


I wouldn't know- I've only read Millicent's and just found out about the other two.


i loved the girl one better than the boy one!!

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