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31 July 2006


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You know I thought it was good too - but not great. There is a sequel coing out though and maybe he will come more into the story on this one. All the elements are there and I can easily recommend the book - I mean anything that gets boys reading has my rec - but there's just some kind of something that is missing in it. As I said though, he might that all nailed down with Book #2.


I kind of got the feeling that there'd be another -- always nice to be right. And, yeah -- I felt the same way... something was just... missing. Maybe it what I mentioned before (the not getting attached to anyone bit) -- there was plenty of action and adventure, but it wasn't emotionally engaging?


Yeah, I said some rather disparaging things about it when I reviewed it and recieved a rather nasty comment.


Really? From a fan?


I really liked the first, however, I've seen an advanced readers copy of the second and yeah..he really nailed it this time. This is terrific. It's called the Seal of Soloman. I think it goes on sale in May.

deondrea brown

man o man this book was of the heezyfosheezy rickyancey was out of his mind this was pimp it wasnt missing anything bennacio was all like killin and alfred was all kneeing people in the crotch and stuff but it was great


I was wondering if there is a second book to alfred kropp?

ryan balckwell

I was wondering if there is a second book to alfred kropp?

ryan balckwell

plz type back to my email [email protected] thanx

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