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15 August 2006


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I kept picturing the King as Howard Stern. I tried really hard not to but he wouldn't go away. :-|


Ouch. I didn't picture him like that at all. He was much more attractive in my mind, but I can't think of a comparison, unfortunately.


Count von, HUgenstophinzie is the best! I hope he is in much more books!-CHHOOOOO too u tooo

The new york rangers are the best fishing academy in canada and the best little fish is the ,subliminla coated polymer sphere

-if you actually too kthe time to read this you are sad!


choo you are soo right i love that fishing academy! but i think that if you implement the "rht" ALERT you will be like "omg shee is so evil" D.L.M.O.C.M lolololol, btw "there are strange things donbe in the moonlight sun by the dwarves who moil for meat"."and the rain in the plains is mainly garbage!" and cu in school CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO



I pictured him as Tommy Lee....hahhaha like someone said earlier, i tried not to but it wouldn't go away!!


Viggo Motenson here. Or a punked out Liev Schriber. But I kept thinking that Henry Rollins isn't a bad actor, just too tattooed and too much of an extrovert...

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