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01 August 2006


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But why not? How unaccomadating of you!

People are just...incredible.


There was another woman this week who was mad because she took too long coming in to pick up the book she had on hold (we hold things for a WEEK) and so, of course, we passed it on to the next person in line -- she said, "But I was in NEW YORK. I COULDN'T pick it up!!"

Like that's my fault, lady. Do you want me to put it back on hold or not?


Your problem with Mass, seems just like our problems with Californians here in Washington.


Oh, that is just so sad. I always love this: "You need to see a picture ID? Why would I have my license with me?" Umm, I don't know, because our library's in the middle of suburbia and the only way to get here is by car? Lotsa people out there driving without licenses along, in every state, I'd guess. Scary.


Or they act all offended, like I'm singling them out because they look untrustworthy. You know, like I'm not asking because it's PART OF THE PROCESS, I'm just asking to jerk them around. Grrr.

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