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21 August 2006


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Doesn't its face look just like Sully from Monsters, Inc?


I thought he looked a bit like a gorilla.

But you're right, he does look like Sully. Maybe that's why it made me so sad.


Won't stop them from coming Leila. Now you'll just get swarmed with cryptozoologists.


They MUST be better than the New Yorkers, Floridians and MA residents.

(Not counting anyone I actually LIKE from those states, of course.)


It's a bloody chow-read more here: http://www.boston.com/news/education/higher/articles/2006/08/18/story_about_turners_mystery_beast_has_legs/


I think that address might be missing parts -- I found a follow-up here, but I don't think it was the same one. Either way, the article says the same thing -- it's a dog.

Still hoping to scare away the tourists. (Except for the people I hand-pick, of course.)

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