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21 August 2006


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Carl V.

I picked up a reprint of the first Nancy Drew book a few months ago because I had never read any of those or the Hardy Boys and quite frankly preferred the idea of reading the ones with the female sleuth. Although quite simplistic at times it was very fun to read and I can see why they not only were popular in their time but have survived.

Great inscription in that book. Makes you wonder if it actually was the first of many reading pleasures.


I hope so.


I remember the good old days of Nancy Drew. I still read them occasionally.


"...deduces that the sabotage must be an inside job because the guard dogs don't bark..." Obviously Nancy is a Sherlock Holmes fan because this is straight out of the short story, "Silver Blaze".

The inscription actually makes me a little sad. I would hope my own daughter would think enough of me to want to save a book with an inscription from me.


I know. It makes me feel the same way. I'm a little horrified that someone would chuck it.

It's such a nice, thoughtful inscription -- not just a run-of-the-mill 'Happy Birthday' -- I picked up a whole bunch of NDs, so I'll watch to see if there are more.


These first few Nancy Drew stories are also great fun to listen to on audio-book. Laura Linney was the reader, and she did such an excellent "Gee Dad, you're SWELL!" that I almost did a spit-take in the car.

Loved Nancy Drew (my name is Nancy, how could I not?) but always preferred Trixie Belden. Spunkier.


So many people have told me to read Trixie. I'll have to start in once hit the point where I can't take Nanc anymore.

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