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29 August 2006


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Carl V.

That is hilarious!!!


Excellent! Makes up for those damn bears.

Fuse #8

This is the kind of thing I dream of coming across, every time I stop by a garage sale. What was the year?



I actually found two others, but I'm saving them.


I knew right away! Too funny. I want to see the others too.


Awesome! One of my staff members did, too.

I don't know if I would've been able to identify them -- though I really do think that those eyebrows are classic, so maybe I would have.

I'll post more pictures at some point.


This needs to be made into bags. Even if you're just color copying the cover and then stitching it.

Oh, and in other news, I finally have a Bedazzler.


Yeah. I thought about the bag option, and it would have to be color copies -- I can't bear to give the books up, even though they're falling apart.

I am impressed about the Bedazzler. I know I own at least TWO rhinestone setters, but I can't find either of them. You will post pictures of your shiny crafts, right?


That is the best flea market find, perhaps... ever.


Yeah. I just need to design the perfect skull, and then I'm gonna put it on everything.

Gregory K.

That rocks. Utterly. My mom (yay mom!) snagged me their Parenting book from the 50s one day, but yours is far, far, far superior. All hail the flea!


Good find for you, bad find for me. My supervisor was standing behind me when I opened this website a couple of days ago--he understood, but it didn't stop me from turning red.


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