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04 August 2006


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OMG!! Do you think it's too girly for my brother, because if not, I have to have it. (And please don't tell me it isn't just so that I buy it. That would be devious.)


I think it might be a little girly.

(Insert Max joke here, but I don't know him well enough to make it.)

Anyway, there will be more -- I have some awesome old crime novel covers that MUST be saved.


Hmm... but it's the hockey thing that's most appealing. Too bad. Anyway, there's no mistaking Max for a girl. Have you seen him lately? http://chinaruby.blogspot.com


Goodness. He is manly, isn't he?

Somehow I just can't see him carrying the bag around.


Hockey Star Nurse? Where in the name of all that's holy did you find that? It looks awesome by the way. I still don't really understand how you got it on the bag though.


I laminated it, left a decent margin, sewed it onto the base fabric, then sewed fabric over the margins and put the bag together. It's hard to explain, but it came out really, really well.

(And you know how I am -- usually I'm hugely critical of everything that I make.)

Anyway. I don't remember where I picked the book up, but I got a few other Nurse Romances -- my favorite being... ahem... Hill Country Nurse.


Oh, wait. I thought she was a Hockey Star AND a Nurse. I'm so not interested any more.


Your stuff is fantastic. So how do you like Etsy?


CC: Oh, Puh-LEEZ. Girls can't play hockey!!

Iliana: It's a lot of fun -- easy to use, etc., and the people in the community seem to be really nice.


Holy camoley! That bag is awesome, but more importantly: how do you find the time? What with reading a million books a year, I mean. You are a rock star.


Incredibly awesome!
I sense a market for those in Canada.


my first thought was, "that is so totally rad." My next thought was, "Woe! that I am too manly to carry that around." Make a laptop bag/soft sided briefcase thing, and you might have a sale.

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