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30 August 2006


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I've read it and it MORE than lives up to the cover!


I'm the type of person who has bought books for the cover and I'd definitely buy that one. Plus it sounds good.

V. Vxn

Yeah, the book's beautiful, but what's up with the reviewer playing into stereotypes about female authors? It's one thing to claim that fiction by women isn't given an equal chance in the marketplace, but she's almost saying that that's OK. It makes me want to read the book to find out if the "muscular" prose and male leads are really the major features of the book, and if so, why focus as much on the author's name and gender as the quality of the text? If it's an Onion-style joke, I'm not sure it's funny.

Carl V.

I agree wholeheartedly and its been on my list for awhile.


I loved Look At Me. I read it not knowing what it was, until later I suspected it was chick-lit. But it was still good.


I agree about the review, V. Vxn -- v. strange. And rather worrisome.

Hoping to read the book soon.

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