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04 August 2006


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Sheila Clover English

Okay, I didn't like the video. But, there are good ones out there. Some videos are hit and miss.
We've got some new videos up on our MySpace. We're undergoing changes on our main site, but our new videos are pretty fun. I'll give two, one that has our regular MySpace and our "BOOK BLURB" blog! The other is where we store other videos and have a blog we send out as a news update to our subscribers.




Although I was interviewed by NPR (National Public Radio), I didn't make the Times article. Though Book Trailers are my creation (I started making them in 2002), I'm not high profile enough. I'm a struggling author myself. I work with other authors, not with the big publishing houses, so I often am not mentioned when there's coverage on book videos. But, I can prove that I had the original idea, regardless of how little that seems to be worth.

I hope people will give book videos a chance. Not all of them are hokey. Some of them are very good. I don't know what Expanded books was thinking when they made that video, but they have other stuff that's pretty good.

Thanks for allowing me to post on your blog.


Actually, I meant 'geeky' in a good way. I liked that it was hokey -- that it looked extremely low-tech and unpolished. The really fancy trailers look more like what they really are -- advertisements -- and so I'm more likely to ignore them.

As for book trailers in general... I'm still on the fence.

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