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29 August 2006


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I only saw it in the theaters three times and made everyone I know go and see it. Yippie for us Firefly fans!



Carl V.

I didn't realize it was up for one but was thrilled when I found out. It is well deserved. I am also excited for Dr. Who eventhough I didn't see that episode. Dr. Who is something that I need to get caught up on via Netflix. Watched the first couple of episodes last year and really enjoyed it but work/life kept interfering with catching it when it was being aired.


And have all Serenity/Firefly fans read the collection "Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds, and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly" from BenBella Books? I'm completely nerdy (not to metnion fixated on Firefly) but I really enjoyed it.


No, but I bought stuff from browncoatpatches.com for Josh's birthday.

Does that count?

Carl V.

I just finished Finding Serenity and really enjoyed it eventhough I didn't like or agree with all of the essays.


BorwnCoatPatches.com? That's awesome. I am so getting that Blue Sun patch.


I bought that one and the Browncoat patch. They're really nicely done.

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