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20 September 2006


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I was also on the fence on that book and went with Nailed instead. (Just between us, it is on the Master List. You have a blog and your nominations counted too.)


Awesome, MR. Thanks for letting us know. I'm really looking forward to the Master List!

And, damn, I really need to get around to reading Nailed.

Adam S.

I'm going to the bookstore tomorrow to buy Mark Haddon's new novel. I'll pick up a copy of Octavia Nothing while I'm there.

Sorry for missing your review. That happened at a time when I did not have internet access at my house.

Can't wait to see the final version of the Master List.

And what kind of a world would it be if book-lovers didn't help one another out?


A very, very sad one.

I'm really interested to see what other people make of Octavian -- I've run across some that are surprised it's being marketed as a teen book, rather than as an adult book, but that's about it... (Other than gushing about M. T. Anderson's geniusosity, that is.)

PS. And I feel your pain about having no internet access at home -- but at least you've got it again, now, right?

Adam S.

Yes, my internet access has been back for about a month now. The filter at work won't let me blog, though.



For me, it's not so much a filtering problem (my library is, happily, not one of those that has filters) as it is a worried-about-getting-in-trouble problem.


I just returned from a Borders with A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon and a book by somebody named M.T. Anderson.



I just lurrrrve him.

And I'm curious to hear how the Haddon is...

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