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20 September 2006


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Thank you for the update on VM!!! I'm going to be on vacation with no TV, so I'll have to get the TIVO set up today. Ack!


Showtime has the Dexter pilot available on their website: http://www.sho.com/site/dexter/sneakpeek/home.do (The password is sneak peek.)

I really wish I had heard about the show before I cancelled my Showtime subscription.


See, I just thought "ew" and threw the paper in the recycling without even noticing that it was Michael C. Hall. Okay, I just dug one back out and it IS him. Well. I still think it's a creepy ad.

Fuse #8

Michael C. Hall has the dubious honor of being the only graduate of my college to actually become a semi-household name. Oh... and Jim Jones. Go Earlham!


Well, it's supposed to be creepy. He's a serial killer, after all. Just a "good" one. Mostly.

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