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20 September 2006


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I do love the old covers, though.


If you look to the far right on this one, you can see a robed cultist off to go and do cult-y things. Rad.


We sell this book at my store. It's a Nancy Drew cook book and I've always wondered what is has to do with the books:


Needless to say, but I will, there are references to "mystery ingredients", and all the recipes have titles like "Bungalow Mystery Salad" and "Dancing Puppet Parfait". Carson Drew, apparently, makes a mean cheesecake. Oh, and Ned is one mean BBQer.
Does Nancy cook a lot in the books? Doesn't she have a maid to do this? *confused*


I love your reviews and always look forward to the next one.

A little history... this story was originally outlined by Edna Squier and then written by Mildred Wirt. Mildred, of course, wrote the first five books in the series. But, this manuscript was rewritten by Harriet S. Adams which marks her first appearance as the final writer in the series (she previously wrote the outlines for and edited books 4 and 5). Harriet also rewrote the next story in the series. In fact, Harriet either edited or rewrote all the remaining books in the series. That was for the original story. The story was rewritten and republished in 1961 for a new audience of girls. Lynn Ealer worked on the new manuscript and condensed the original story while Harriet wrote and edited the final manuscript. Which version are you reviewing?

I assume you know that Edna and Harriet were the daughters of Edward Stratemeyer who started the series and died shortly after book 3 was published. Mildred Wirt's involvement in the writing of the series only became widely known after the lawsuit over ownership of the books in 1980.

The cookbook was published in 1973 and based on recipes by Patsy Bogle who sold them for one dollar.

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