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23 October 2006


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Kelly Fineman

I bought that one for my kids for the holidays after I read an excellent review in the NY Times. Glad to hear that it's good.


It rules.


Ooo ooo ooo - I want to ask you if you've gotten the hang of a certain brush technique yet, but I don't want to spoil it. What brush techniques have you learned so far? Cause there's one that's killing me...

And yes, isn't it an amazing game? I could spend 20 hours just running around the countryside.


Gabe has been playing it non-stop too.

Debra Hamel

You are persuasive: I just ordered it from Amazon because of you.


Awesome, Debra -- I hope you like it as much as I do!

Lisa, I think the last one I learned was the Divine Wind technique. I'm in the Moon Cave right now, wearing the hilarious imp disguise. Everytime Ammy howls, our dog barks.


You're way ahead of me. Divine Wind sounds COOL. I can't get past the initial "draw a Cherry Bomb up against this wall" exercise, to the point at which I'm wondering if it's a bug. So I gave up on that and went back to the village to do lily pads. Wheeeee!


The Cherry Bombs are a bit weird -- their placement partially depends on how big you draw them. So if you draw a huge circle, it'll be closer to the front of the screen, a small circle will show up in the background... Not sure if that makes any sense.

Once you get the hang of 'em, though, they RULE in combat. And I love the confetti that appears when they explode.


I bought it, but haven't played it yet. Final Fantasy XII is coming next week too.

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