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04 October 2006


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Blankets was good. Very good.


So I've heard. I need to read it, but at the moment, it's serving as the base of a large stack of books. If I pull it out, disaster will strike.


If children are allowed to take out any book they want then does it really matter which section of the library they shelve it in?

Certainly the community should have some say in what books are in their public library (they do pay the taxes that pay for the library and the librarian) but one person or a small group of people should not be able to dictate what everyone in the community gets to read. But residents should have the right to challenge any material they like. No one should be controlled by the opinions of one person (for example, a librarian).


Yes, Tom. If it came down to it, I'd defend Mills' (or your) right to challenge books. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Including me.

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