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27 October 2006


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You know...I've been wondering for years now why someone didn't adapt Cooper's books into movies. I so, so hope it will be good, because the books are so good (of course I read them first so I'm biased, but they'll always be my own personal "harry potter"). I always thought Ewan McGregor should play the part of the Rider. He could so do evil, and with a Scottish accent to boot. (Maybe my dream'll come true...Shallow Grave starred McGregor. Weird.)


That really made we wonder too.


A Dark is Rising movie? I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. I don't feel like anything could do it justice.


God, do the Christians have to ruin EVERYTHING? Can't they be satisfied with leading our country into disaster after disaster, and leave children's literature alone? Leave me one refuge, people!


Um, yeah. ALL of the Christians are ruining EVERYTHING. Blame the actions of the far right on all of us.


I love, love, love the book and I can't imagine the movie living up to it. But of course I'm gonna have to go see the movie no matter how bad it is.

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