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20 October 2006


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The tow truck burst into flames...


Can anyone find an non-Christian news site that corroborates this story? It seemed a big deal to me, best selling author gets into a near fatal car accident, yet I can't find much else on this.

Or perhaps one that's not referencing a tabloid:

"British Christian author, GP Taylor, believes that God spared his life recently after a close call with his car. He also says that he is the victim of a hate campaign by people who don’t like his books

This is revealed in a story written by journalist Charles Yates which appeared in the UK tabloid, the Daily Star, on Sunday, October 15, in which he said, “An author of children’s books - heralded as hotter than Potter and as the new CS Lewis - is living in fear after death threats were posted on the internet just days before the wheel fell off his chauffeur driven car."

from http://www.assistnews.net/Stories/s06100109.htm
The accounts are slightly different. Methinks I smell a publicity stunt.


I had the same thought -- I checked, but I couldn't find anything else, either. If it is a publicity stunt (which I totally wouldn't put past him, for some reason), the tow truck fire seems like a crappy addition. I mean, DUDE. I had to FORCE myself to not make a joke about getting smote for writing cruddy books.


I'm sorry Leila, but now this is getting fun. The story by Charles Yates is in The Sun

There is absolutely no mention of a car accident. The is a picture of him on his motorcycle and a description of what kind of car he drives: "Scratched, rusty M-reg Vauxhall Cavalier with 86,000 miles on the clock." No Mercedes. No chafeur

This article is a few years old but it is the only article I can find reference to Charles Yates interviewing Taylor. It is the same article quoted on http://www.shadowmancer.com/shadowmancer_the_film.htm

I can't find a October 15th article in the Daily Star.

I have since emailed Charles Yates.


I remember that description from the Shadowmancer author info. The chauffeur and Merc were news to me.

Rad, Chrissy. Keep us posted.


Oh, that's so weird! I noticed in my blog stats several LONG searches for GP Taylor a week or so ago. Did you?


I don't remember seeing any -- of course, the only time I ever mention him is when he does something asinine (or when one of his books is panned), so that might be why BoD didn't come up...


Damn, just when I was gonna work "hotter than Potter" into my very relevant rap career...


Various children of my acquaintance who love Harry Potter et al have tried him and say he isn't very good.


Update..I have gotten no response from the reporter/newspapers.


Yeah. I think it's just a case of G.P. Taylor desperately crying, "Look at me! Look at me!"

Janette Rallison

Hey Leila,
Aren't you one of those pepople who don't like his books? What do you know about tires . . .

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