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17 October 2006


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It looks very Wishbone-esque. Only without the literary expertise?


Thank you. I couldn't remember Wishbone's name.

I was curious if this was Wishbone related, or if it was another Jack Russel mystery solver.


I have got to pick this up for my nephew. He is 7 and has a Jack Russell named Rocco Giuseppi (all of our pets have to have middle names, it's a weird family thing that my cousin started when she was little. Rocco really needed a middle name because my sister-in-law spends so much time yelling at him that it only seemed right that he have two names to scream).

I'm hoping this will be a step above his precious Walter the Farting Dog books.


Exactly - I was going to say Wishbone too. And not just because of the dog, but because the Wishbone thing was mildly in the history-mystery genre as well. Hm.

Sally Odgers

I'm mystified. Who or what is Wishbone? Obviously another dog character? I assure you my co-writer and I are not acquainted with him. We wrote Jack Russell's stories (there are 8 of them now) because we have JRs ourselves. They are experts in solving such mysteries as Where has Dad hidden the ball now? and are always wild to know Who is that daring to drive down tot he river on OUR road?

If you want to see our own dogs, go to Jack's home page and click the links.


I just ordered this as a gift for my daughter and her husband, but didn't list the title on my blog because it will be a surprise. They have a Jack Russell, an English Bulldog, and a Boston Terrier - quite a mad house. Thanks for enabling me to get a great surprise gift.


Wishbone Mysteries
example: http://www.amazon.com/Key-Golden-Dog-Wishbone-Mysteries/dp/1570642842

I assume the books were based on the PBS children's show, not the other way around.

About the show:


Oh, and Wishbone was literature related, rather than mystery related, it seems - reinacting of famous books/stories. I'm not sure why I'm remembering them as mysteries. I know they did a Sherlock Holmes episode and maybe that one is just sticking out in my mind.


Havning a sleepy morning and I'm sorry for the repetitive posts. I can seems to get all my thoughts out at once. Above I am speaking that the TV show was not mystery related, but when they decided to do spin off books they went in that direction, which may be why so many of us are associating "Wishbone" with "mystery".

OK, I think I'm done.


Hi Sally -- it sounds like Wishbone never made it over to Australia! Sad -- you def. would ahve appreciated it.

Just so you know, my husband has taken to saying, "This is a Fact" after pretty much everything he says...


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