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02 October 2006


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Sorry for the belated comment. I just finished re-reading Leavitt's wonderful Dollmage and vaguely recalled you had reviewed one of her books. This one sounds great as well - thanks for the heads up!


I read this book and it was oh-so amazing. I was a Twiligh fan too, so I definitely recommand it. Although it did not break my heart nor had any funny incidents, it was very compelling and beautiful. I double dare you to read it!


I am a Twilight girl lol. This book was recommended by the same teacher who led me to Twilight. This is another story of an ordinary girl falling for an impossibly dark but beautiful man. Defintely worth the read.


Also a Twilight fan here. This book was amazing, I highly recommend it. Definetly one I'll be rereading.

Maddie Unknown

Personaly I LOVED this book and I read twilight and also loved that.

Coannis Blane

LOL! I just relized on the cover there kissing. LOVE IT!


I am a twilight fan, but this is the only book that has me re-reading over and over again. No matter how many times, every time I read it I feel like it's the first time picking up the book.
Though I wish the story could have been longer I have to say it's a must read.


If there was an audition for it i would definatly enter!!!

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