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24 October 2006


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But it isn't Holly from the Sammy Keyes books? Or am I remembering them totally wrong?


She is. I just didn't want to give the crossover away in the body of the post.

I vaguely thought it might be her while I was reading, but for whatever reason -- maybe because the story was so much harsher than the Sammy stories -- I wasn't really positive that it was her until Sammy made an appearance. You'd think that the name would have been a dead giveaway, right? Yeah. I blame Okami.


EEEEEEEK! What took so long? Okay...so I haven't read it yet. I didn't know Sammy made an appearance,how many pages is it? Cause I need to do a book report and the book needs to be 250+.


I think I'm going to cry, I NEED this book and its 256 pages but I have no money and now I hate my book report...


Oops. Sorry. I asked because it didn't seem like it had the same feel as the Sammy books (though sounds very good--too bad I'm not free to read though I am free to drop $70 [I am in SO much trouble] on yarn and start a huge and complicated shawl, even though I have three [THREE!] sweaters going right now).

Why, yes. I have written the Introduction to my dissertation. Ten times. And then erased it. Ten times. Why do you ask?


Oh, I've always felt that spoilers are allowable in the comments, so don't worry. The feel of the book is extremely different from the Sammy books, which is why it took me so long to realize that Holly was the same Holly, even though THEY HAVE THE SAME EXACT NAME. I'm an ass.

Shrieky, I hope you get a copy of the book soon!


Gosh darn it, so do I. It's a matter of Book or Insanity. Oh wait,never mind, Insanity has been reached already.

Cheyenne Penrod

i read your book "Flipped" in sixth grade, because my librarian strongly felt i would like it, and i surely did! i can't wait to read your new book "Runaway", and i just wanted to say i love your crafts, and your liveliness!


i love reading.
1. because i'm popular so everybody wants to read like me
2. because i just love to read


thiz book sux


can u describe more aout Holly? i'm trying 2 do a book report!


and where does tshe live in the beginnging??


Dude, there's loads about Holly in the book. It's about her. Did you read it?

Makenzie Kundrat

WOW!!!!!!!!!1 I Did not read the book and have to take a test on it!!! tell me more!!! this book is not on cliff notes! i hate reading books too, def waste of time in life when you could it hangin wit freinds!!!!!! and i do not want a F in language . so HELP!!!!!!!!

i agree wit makenzie books are 100% gay! no point in readin them


same i agree with makenzie also, reading is okay sometimes. But it depends. This book sounds bad though.

K.T. Thompson

I am ten years old and my name is K.T.OMG!When I read this book and cried all the way through it!It's in my hand ask I speak or type.It is so sad but it gives people courage to stand up for them selves!God, please help the homeless and the poor because they NEED your touch in their lives!I'm so glad I read this book!I love this book and God bless you other people who read it.

Sandra McClead

I agree with K.T.
It is a very well written book! It's about a girl who is abused by her foster parents.Her teacher gave her a journel to write in.She complains "Words can't fix my life.
Words can't give me a family.
Words can't do jack."
When you read this book it's like she is talking to you.She runs away from the Benders(her foster parents) and runs torward WestSouth.
Does she have a happy ending or does she die and have a sad ending!You think I, a ten year old, would give you answers for your book report!
I actually will give you answers!
First, e-mail ALL questions from your report to [email protected] , my friend's e-mail address!
I will give you anwsers!Talk to some of you later on her e-mail!


ok, you dumbasses that say books are a wate of time a stupid people who probably get F's in all their classes.... retards.... no wait that would offened the retards to be group with people who say that stuff. Actually reading is the best thing in the world... and no im not a nerd i have a socail life but im also a bookworm. I LOVE this book and its very sad but very funny at times. Its amazing how Holly survives throgh all the crap that happens to her, i love her humor and how she leans with sistuations. My favorite poem in the book is Neon Is My Nightlight. Oh and if you want to know what happens in the book..... FUCKING READ IT DUMBASSES!!!!! Sorry for my profanity... i was mad, =D. BTW in in 7th grade.


Grettel, I applaud your passion.


I'm totally doing my book review on this..... running away? Not bad unless you have a good place to stay or you now you can stay.


This book is 281 pgs in it to Shrieky

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