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06 October 2006


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Did you at least enjoy the massive gay subtext to [b]Elm Street 2[/b]? Because it's there and you don't even have to look real hard for it.

Still, that was a pretty cheap move on Rite-Aid's part.


Oh, I picked up on it, all right.

I also... well, enjoyed isn't quite the right word... appreciated Robert Rusler's (of Babylon 5 fame*) fine, fine acting.

*For being the Lamest Character.


That sucks. I watched all of the Nightmare sequels but with the exception of maybe two (and the second installment wasn't one of them) I can't remember them. I feel this is my brain's way of protecting me (and yet Jason Vorhees killing peoples on a cruise ship and New York is burned in my memory forever).

Aaah now I really want to watch this!!! At least it's October so the chances of it appearing on TV near the end of the month have to be good. Here's hoping anyway. Of course unless it's showtime or bravo or something they'd probably edit out Johnny Depp getting eaten by his bed and without that what is the point of the movie, I ask you.

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