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22 November 2006


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I was disappointed by this list. Striped Pajamas - my God. It's like everyone has Holocaust "blindness" or something. Also Bass Ackwards was a huge disappointment for me - riddled with cliches (one girl goes to Hollywood and ends up dating the new young hunk, another one pursues a crush on a former high school teacher, etc.) I couldn't stand it - just way too unbelievable for me. And I thought Endymion Spring was a weak title as well - again, too many cliches (I swear - why would you leave your little sister behind in a darkened hallway thinking she was more safe there than with you?????).

I'm with Dairy Queen also, but if I was betting I would go with Pajamas or Endymion. Not because they are better but because the idea of them is more acceptable as winners (Dairy will come off as a chick lit title, I bet.)


Yup. I remember reactions to Endymion were lukewarm at best, regardless of how hard the publisher (RH?) pushed it. Some people really seemed to love Bass Ack, but again, most of what I read was lukewarm.

I'm curious about Shadow Thieves, though.


It's interesting that Bass Ackwards would be listed as an Original Voices winner. It was like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants a few years later, not original at all.

Laura Ruby

Hmmm...I haven't read any of them except for SHADOW THIEVES, and it's amazing — smart, hilariously funny, and inventive. And I'm not saying this just because the author's a good friend, either. (Though she too is smart, hilariously funny, and inventive). A great book. First in a trilogy.

-- Laura Ruby


I just read Dairy Queen so I'd vote for that (even though it's the only one on the list I've read) because it rocked. I hate football, but I could. not. put that book down. Read most of it in one sitting.

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