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02 November 2006


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I've not read it. I'm protesting the fact that everything has a secret life these days. Bees. Lobsters. Plants. Numbers. Machines. Moody cows. Trees. Maps. Pots. Shoes...


Moody cows!? Who knew?

And besides, you made up for not reading SLoB (HA!) by reading Samantha and the Cowboy and recommending it, wholeheartedly, to hundreds of Harvard Square shoppers.



Lady S

Not me.

Lazy Cow

I've not read it (though I have read the DVC). It's on my bookshelf though, for when I feel the urge.

Jen Robinson

I've never read The Secret Life of Bees either (though yes to Da Vinci Code). No special reason, just was never inspired to pick it up...


I will say that (Lauren, don't kill me) though it was a good book and I liked it well enough, I wasn't totally and completely over the moon about it -- might have been because all of the hype built it up too much or something.


I couldn't agree more...and would add "The Tipping Point," "The Kite Runner," and "Freakonomics" to that list. Where are they STILL finding more people to read these books? (Also, I'll keep my opinions on "Secret Life of Bees" to myself, but have you read Kidd's nonfiction, like "Dance of the Dissident Daughter" or "Firstlight"? Yikers...I'm relieved, honestly, when people ask for her fiction instead...)


I still haven't read Kite Runner, partly because I think, at this point, that it's absolutely impossible for the book to live up to the hype. For me, anyway.

I haven't read Kidd's nonfiction -- I've read a bit about it and it doesn't look like it'd be my cuppa.

And, c'mon. Let's hear it about SLoB -- you can't leave me hanging like that...


Okay, you're funny, I won't leave you hanging (I hate it when people do it to me). God, did I hate "Secret Life of Bees." Perhaps it was its "all men are bad, and can be characterized as racist and sexist caricatures to boot, while all women are good, powerful, honey-sweet (yes, "honey sweet" is used repeatedly at Amazon to describe this book) madonnas to be trusted and loved with one's coming-of-age needs" storyline. Nuance? Anyone? My kingdom for one tiny little bit of nuance, and/or a religious ritual that doesn't involve rubbing honey on a statue?

Whew. I feel better. Sorry about that. Of course, I am in the minority and I never let patrons at the library who ask about it know how I really feel about it (although I do try to throw some Anne Tyler in with my Jan Karon and Rebecca Wells read-alike suggestions, because I can't help myself). Now aren't you sorry you asked? :)


I'm not sorry at all -- that was just... awesome. I do love a good book rant, regardless of whether or not I liked the book. Also, the phrase "honey sweet" makes me want to ralph.

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