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04 November 2006


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1. Bill the Cat is wicked cool. (I get to say wicked cool because I'm from MA)
2. I have been known to grab a book at the airport based on "estimated read time." I admit it.


We say wicked cool in Maine, too. I'm with ya.

I understand picking something up at the airport with that in mind -- it's the idea of actually printing "2 hour book" on it that seems silly to me.

I love Bill. I'm contemplating adding an "ACK" category to this blog.

Adam S.

I'm a huge Opus fan, I admit. Bill the Cat rocks.


I'm sort of amused to see that they have about 5 titles. But what I really want to know is: Do I get my money back if it takes more/less time?


Adam, marry me already.

Leila, PPFFBBBBBTT!!! An "Ack" category is overdue.

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