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01 November 2006


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Oh I'm definitely getting those for my holiday cards. Last year I sent all my holiday cards with Muppets stamps. Right now I'm working my way through a few sheets of Judy Garland stamps. I don't save them. I use them and wonder if the recipient (at some credit card bill processing center in Iowa) will notice Fozzy Bear, etc., and if Fozzy will brighten their day a little.


I'd be fine with using them on the bills, but Josh refuses to "waste" them on people we're sending money to... so we end up with piles of stamps. If only because of that, Christmas cards are a must this year.

Kelly Fineman

I already bought some -- they look even cooler in person. If you're getting some, you'd better do it sooner rather than later -- sometimes collectors snatch them up (in this case, collectors wouldn't be limited to stamps, but would include collectors of Marvel comics as well).

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