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06 November 2006


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Borders' YA sections are tiny tiny tiny. I haven't seen this change, while B&N YA sections are spreading and getting prominent display space. I would agree with you that it's a new book by an unestablished author about a topic that has been covered in serveral other books and that is what is being factored in to the decision to carry or not carry. It sounds fantastic, and if it gets any recognition by other sources they'll probably change the decision.


Thanks for the through review of the book. There are times when I want just the most minimum information to get me interested in the book, but in this case, more is better. I'd like to read it, but I wonder if my library will carry it. Hmm.


It's a decent read -- I have minor quibbles, but overall, I liked it. And it was nice to read a story about teen sex that didn't involve anyone getting some horrible STD or a bad reputation or run over by a bus or anything. (There is a character who has a bad rep AND is pregnant, but it works. I'm trying to not give away major plot points.)

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