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06 November 2006


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I LOVED Hoffman's Green Angel, but am only so-so on the rest of her teen stuff. Haven't read Incantation yet. Hoping it will magically appear before me soon. Fairest was wonderful.


I've started Green Angel at LEAST four times. Never made it through, despite the fact that the book is, like, fourteen pages long. I'll dig it out and give it another try.


Losery.Loser? I've seen this book in the library but I always end up making an excuse not to read it.Why? Don't know. In fact all I know is I should probably pick it up...eventually. All the offline people I know are so clueless about books, they just follow all the major fads(Artemis Fowl, Unfortunate Events, Travelling Pants) and think they know what they're talking about which explains why I only had a faint idea that I should read this. Yah.


Hey, I've actually read 3 1/2 of those! I agree about ON - most impressive by all means.

mindy toomay

I'm so glad to have this list. Just started blogging a young adult fantasy novel I co-wrote, and need to read some current successes. Thanks!


Anna Marie

Ella Enchanted was better then Fairest which I feel will only appeal to girls desperately looking for something in the same world. It felt a little week.


CLEMENTINE will rock your socks. A wonderful contemporary of Ramona and the perfect answer to that God-awful snotty, whiney, back-talking brat Junie B. Jones, Clementine is smart, funny, and endearing. Illustrations are perfection. The cover IS great, hey? Sequel "The Talented Clementine" to follow in the spring. So excited.

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