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09 November 2006


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It was scripted! Or at least they had a loose concept in place. She was fantastic. And if there was any justice in the world, he'd be a lock for the Oscar this year.


Oh, phew. I actually feel better about it, knowing it was scripted. I almost had a heart attack when he did what he did.

Lisa Yee

Who knew that Pamela was such a good actress?

(I just NetFlixed the Ali G Show, and Sasha Baron Cohen is amazing. He inhabits his other personas.)


We just NetFlixed them all too, and, yeah. I feel the same way -- I had to remind myself occasionally that he was just playing characters.

The bit with Andy Rooney was priceless. And holy cow, I was kind of scared he was going to get beat up as Bruno in Alabama.


Yay! Every time someone enjoys Black Christmas, an angel gets its wings. At least in my universe. My favourite! That movie still creeps me out, especially the scene with the eye in the doorway.


I admit to doing the quick run in the dark from the bathroom back to bed that night. Yikes!


Loved Borat too, natch. I've tried to find stuff online about what was "real" and what wasn't, but it's pretty closely guarded. I did find an article that talked to many of the real people in it, who did get a release form at the very last minute and who were definitely NOT clued in to what was going to happen.


Mother Reader, wanna pass along the link? I'm not a curious person, but guessing about Borat is making my head hurt.


I originally found an different article, but this one is much better at http://www.salon.com/ent/feature/2006/11/10/guide_to_borat/


Black Christmas is bloody awesome. It's super solid and I'm glad you dug it.


I thought of you while we watched it, just because it seemed so up your alley.

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