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21 November 2006


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Liz B

Ah, green eyes. Giving a character green eyes is a factor on almost every Mary Sue test out there; and yes, in one of the stories I wrote as a teen the main character had green eyes.

Almost any time I come across green eyes in a story anymore, I think, there better be a darn good reason for it! Like the missing emerald is actually the person's eyes.


Vampirates?! I'm sorry Leila, but I can't stop laughing. It sounds like the title of a bad, I mean really bad, B-horror movie.


It would make a perfect MST3K movie. Speaking of, the sci-fi movie marathon is coming up.

And c'mon -- it could've been fun! They're vampires! They're pirates! Swashbuckling and fangs and whatnot. (Though it seems like it'd be difficult to steer the ship during the day, not to mention the problem of being attacked during the day.)

Anyway. I suspected it would stink, but I still had mini-high-hopes. Even good-bad would have been okay.

Sadly, it was just bad-bad.


Pretty lame. If there's going to be a book about pirates AND vampires then it should be scary and action packed. Vampirates had neither. Also, that was a pretty poor attempt at a climax; couldn't the pirates have blown each other up or something???

Ayden Again

My complements to this site for actually giving a truthful review.


By all means i loved the book - blood captain, best in the series. but i agree there could be some more action involved , it is a boring book, but theres goodness in it

None of your buisness

I have personaly read this book, and no matter what anybody thinks of the book plot line, setting or anything, this story is really awesome. I have no what so ever problem with it and i think Justin Somper is a wonderfull author who fills his book with despcription and action. Although i would like him to write the next book faster! Blood Captain is by far the best in the series.

(When hes describing the emerald eyes, he is simple saying that that is the colour of the eyes, not that the eyes are cold and hard like a gem, duh, and id like to see you write a book and grab everybodys attention)


Okay, I really agree with "None of your busines". Whoever posted this may have their opinions, and of course, I have mine, but I know from experience, I write some books and post them on Quizilla, it's really not easy to write a book that everybody likes. I personally love these books, it's probably about my favorite series. By the way, I live in America. When does Blood Captain come out in America? Thanks-Lois

Lois again

By the way, Lois isn't my real name, hehe, I just like it so I use it a lot. Look me up on Quizilla, Dawnfire999 is my username. -Lois

P.S. Robin is my real name..... yeah, now you see why I use Lois

Lois (AGAIN!)

Okay, one more thing... what is the fourth book's name?

Thanks, Lois (Robin)

Lois (Yes, again, I know)

Also, when he said the thing about their eyes being like an emerald cut in half, he means like when you find two pieces from the exact same gem they are identical. It's just a fancy way of saying that their eyes look the same.


The first Vampirates book was awesome and i think Emeralds are pretty making the characters more unique not ordinary iread a whole lot of books and this is defenitely one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!



Vampirate lover

Ok i seriously love this book. Its a great book with alot of description for the characters, and i have to say that everyone has their own opinion on everything but this is a good book. Vampirates Demons of the Ocean is the best book that i've read so far and i've read alot of books.

New Balance Sneakers

The more you fight something, the more anxious you become ---the more you're involved in a bad pattern, the more difficult it is to escape. Do you understand?


The thing that bothers me the most about the book is the fact Justin Somper doesn't seem to know that you say "somebody did something very well" (Not very good). I'm not sure how it got published like that. Well that and the fact that the characters don't have any feelings but yet are able to cry on demand.


Sorry, the review above should have been for his novel Tide of Terror.


When is the movie coming out? I love Vampirates!! I have read all of them up to the 5th: Empire of the night! All im doing now is waiting for the 6th one to come out!! The people who say they are not good are crazy!! (no offence) But i think it would become an awesome movie! I just went online and saw a movie trailer of it but i just hope its not made by fans. I am the ultimate Vampirates fan! I always email Justin Somper on www.vampirates.com! I personaly think Grace should go to Johnny because people love a good drama! lol! Justin Somper should never stop writing the vampirates series. They r just to awsome to give up!


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