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01 November 2006


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We did Huck Finn in high school and I remember having a lesson about why people who want to ban it are idiots. It was great.

Don't remember that Degrassi episode though.


I'm starting to think that maybe it wasn't Degrassi. It's driving me NUTS.


I don't know if there was a student reading aloud, but I vaguely remember Huck Finn on an episode of Family Ties.


A complaint from a parent. So one person complains and the book is banned. But it's not really banned. I could see why you might not want to read it out loud in a classroom though.


I think you might be thinking of the "Family Ties" episode in which Jennifer is dissuaded from doing her book report on HF becuase the school has quietly banned it.


I seem to remember it not having a laugh track, but I've been wrong before...

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