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01 November 2006


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Eeeew. Just eew. Sound like its gonna be like The Little Princess. Poor little girl using imagination to defy her horrible situation. I HATE The Little Princess.


EWW was my response, too. Just DON'T. Who are these writers willing to take on terrible tasks like this? They should be forced to turn in their writer's hats immediately.


I heard a rumor a few years ago that HC asked Diana Wynne Jones to write some Narnia sequels and she wouldn't do it. Don't know if it is actually true, though.

If it is, GO HER. Aw, heck, GO HER, anyway. She rules.


And maybe we can have a prequel to Moby Dick next!


yeah, nooooooooooooooooooooo was my thought exactly

Adam S.

What the $&*#!


And I second Adam.


Gross. But, I have no trouble ignoring that last horrible Anne movie they made, so I doubt I'll have much trouble ignoring this one as well.

Arlene Garcia

If Lucy Maud Montgomery had wanted a "prequel" to Anne, she would have written one herself. Nothing is sacred anymore...

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