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07 November 2006


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Random-person-dropping-in-to-make-a-comment-out-of-nowhere warning . . .

I'm completely with you on 'The Little Prince', but does this mean that I'm the only person who thought 'Little Women' was a preachy, sentimental heap of drivel? It took me three tries to get past Chapter Six. I had the same problems with 'Heidi', but it was mercifully short by comparison.


WOW. I don't have strong feelings about either, but you reminded me of another one: The Little Princess, for pretty much the same reasons.


I'm with you on most of those, but I did like the sappy, selfless Giving Tree (ooh, no pun intended).

As for graduation gifts, I give every high school graduate the Worst Case Scenario College Survival Guide and I put money in the pages. Any page on eating with no money, dating with no money, doing laundry, etc. I stick a $5 or $10 in for the graduate to find.


Rainbow Fish - lame customers loving it always ruined things for me. Also, just plain boring.

The Dark is Rising - I really wanted to like it, just didn't get it. Still sort of feel bad.

The Lord of the Rings - Couldn't get past chapter 1 of book one.

Love You Forever - obviously.

Pat the Bunny - what's the big deal?!


Totally with you on THe Giving Tree. Back in the day our camp director used to find occasion to read it to us at least twice a summer. Ew.


I agree on 1 and 4. Also, I never really adored Judy Blume books as a kid. I read a couple of them, and liked them well enough, but wasn't nearly as caught up as all my friends were.


What's wrong with me that I "get" Love You Forever?

The Wind in the Willows. Adults love it, kids are bored by it. I discovered it when I was old enough appreciate it, but couldn't understand why my kids didn't go for it until I found that the generation gap over this book is universal.


The Cat in the Hat and pretty much all Dr. Seuss except for the Grinch. Hated the rhymes. Didn't like movies where anyone burst into song, either.

Little Willow

Posted this at Fuse also:

Where the Wild Things Are
The Cat in the Hat
Love You Forever

Harold and the Purple Crayon has always bugged me because his crayon is red violet, not purple.



I'm with you on Wind in the Willows, Megs. I completely didn't get that even though I wanted to!

And The Spooky Old Tree! I loved that book as a child. I didn't realise it was a Berenstain Bears book - I think they're far more common in the US than Australia.


Fausti, you win -- I think that's the best graduation gift I've heard about.

Lo, my problem with Pat the Bunny is that it's all pastels and it gets SO GROSS, SO FAST. Yucko. Also The Rainbow Fish pretends to be about sharing, but I think it's secretly about punishing those who are different and shiny.

nrkii, I always loved the funny Judy Blume books and liked the serious ones well enough, but I didn't fully appreciate the 'serious' ones -- like the utter brilliance of Blubber -- until I got older. But I know that some people really, really hate it, too.

Megs, I think you're in the majority about Love You Forever. I've still never -- big kiddie lit confession coming -- read The Wind in the Willows.


I think "Pat" and all the sequels are the smooth jazz of even board books. There's no substance, they're bland, and they aren't even cute. And those f'ing paper cut out ones with the telephones... RRRGGH!!


Never read a word of Seuss.
If anyone else is in the same boat, don't ever tell anyone. Ever. I mentioned this to some co-workers and they looked at me as though I said I had a pyramid of human skulls in my laundry room. I told some friends this last year and they gave me The Cat in the Hat as a gag X-Mas gift. I came this close [hold thumb and index finger really close together] to swearing aloud and beating them with it.
If Seuss comes up, just nod and smile.

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